Tower Crane Rescue Training


This Tower Crane Rescue Training course is covered over 7 hours: with a 70:30 split over the Theory and Practical elements. This course is suitable for persons involved in working at height on tower/mobile cranes.


The aim of the Tower Crane Rescue Training course is for candidates to have an awareness of their and their employer’s roles and responsibilities within the workplace, this will include safe systems of work in relation to working at height on cranes. This course will also cover correct systems of work that are needed to prevent falls when working at height, and if this is not possible then, what types of fall protection equipment is needed in the workplace to retrieve/recover incapacitated individuals

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Legislation/guidelines covering working at height, including working on various towers/structures
  • Understanding collective protection systems
  • Understanding the use of fall protection equipment to include the theory/practical elements relevant to wearing a harness and use of lanyards
  • Awareness of how to survey for suitable anchorage points, in accordance to relevant standards


This Course also includes relevant information on health and safety regulations and guidance and the safe use of equipment. The course will take place both in the classroom and within the practical areas of the training academy, in our internal and external towers and tower crane, this will include an awareness program of how to gain safe access/egress in the workplace i.e. ladder systems and horizontal walkways.

The practical sessions will include the use of equipment on our internal tower crane that has a static cabin cab.


Prior to taking this course you must have the required levels of fitness in-order to be able train unimpaired and have no medical issues that could affect your ability to climb/work at height. Additionally, the relevant experience and qualifications must have been previously gained in the following courses:

Or equivalent qualifications from a recognised training company/organisation


Certification is for the period of two years, although we would recommend a refresher after the period of one year.


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