Height Rescue Command & Management
(Remote Area Level 2)


This course is suitable for anyone who is currently into understanding the required roles and responsibilities in relation to managing teams on rescue operations involving anyone working at height with (Tactical Level) I.e. Equivalent to Silver requirement within the workplace. This would include actively managing large numbers of rescue personnel & highly qualified teams in an often complex/remote or restricted area involving rescues/evacuation.

These works would include mainly external based planning/coordination, which would include assisting in the works in remote/restricted areas and would involve often complex rescue/evacuations above/below ground level.

The course gives a good insight into the planning and execution and de-briefing procedures and complex documentation needed for, these types of works.


  • Understanding the overall key principles of the rescue/recovery command system (RRCS)
  • Understanding the law and regulations relating to rescues/recovery
  • Understanding the required qualifications to be able to execute and manage the required rescue/recovery operations.
  • Understand one’s need for effective communication with small/multiple rescue/recovery teams (RRT)
  • Having the required planning skills needed to initial response plan: from the initial dynamic assessment of the emergency through to execution.
  • Being able to react to dynamic risks assessments regarding the required actions needed to meet the planned objectives
  • Be able to provide overall complex planning/documentation needed for internal teams & external stakeholders prior to and following on from incidents


  • Working at Height & Harness awareness certificate
  • Emergency First Aid at Work certificate
  • Must have completed Rescue Command / Management – Remote Areas (Level 1)


All successful delegates will receive a certificate and ID card covering their training for 2 years


2 days

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