Rescue Training Courses

Taskmasters are one of the major suppliers of Rescue Training Courses and Equipment within the UK.

Our Rescue Training Courses are all bespoke covering equipment and work methods that are to be used on site. This ensures that trainees know what to do in a situation that is specific to their working environment.

Our courses are run by some our most experienced Working at Height Trainers in the industry, who are some of the most respected trainers in the UK they also have the experience of running training programs with the emergency services/police.

Together the rescue trainers deliver a complete solution from basic knowledge working at height procedures right through to incorporating a fully comprehensive first aid and rescue training package. The training Scenarios cover both theory and practical elements which are also played out in the classroom as well as in our practical facility within the Training Academy.

We also use the latest techniques covering awareness of various suspension methods, this allows us to give the trainees a realistic idea of possible treatment of first aid and cover the element of rescue/evacuation in situations in a fully controlled environment.

We also offer Rescue Standby Services if you would like us to be on call in the event of an emergency or Rescue Chaperones  or if you would like help in planning rescue procedures or lets us do it all for you and utilise our Rescue Chaperone services were we undertake the rescues on your behalf, therefore enabling your team to carry on with their works safely.

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