GWO Wind Limited Access (WLA)

The GWO Wind Limited Access (WLA) has been developed to provide a minimum viable safety training for infrequent visitors to onshore and offshore wind turbine environments when supervised by at least two experienced GWO BST qualified persons. The course is divided into the following two modules (the onshore module can be completed for onshore requirements alone)

Onshore Limited Access (3.5 hours)

The Onshore Limited Access module is designed to provide the minimum viable training necessary for participants to safely visit an onshore WTG and covers hazards, medical emergencies, fire emergencies and safety at heights.

Offshore Limited Access (7 hours)

The Offshore Limited Access module is to be taken in conjunction with the Onshore Module and covers boat transfers and basic sea survival.

Upon completion of both the GWO Onshore Limited Access and GWO Offshore Limited Access modules, participants will be able to behave in a manner where they are not a danger to themselves or others during supervised visits to both onshore and offshore WTG environments, whilst under the supervision of at least two experienced GWO BST trained personnel.

GWO recommends that persons who visit WTG environments more than 6 times per year complete the full GWO Basic Safety Training.

Taskmasters offer the RAMS – Rescue Access Medial Services that will provide complete access cover for third parties attending wind farm environments.

GWO Wind Limited Access (WLA) FQA’s: 

Who is the WLA Standard intended for?

The Wind Limited Access Standard is intended for infrequent visitors to WTG environments. Importantly it does not provide participants with the knowledge to:

• Carry out work on WTGs or enter faulty WTGs.

• Independently take responsibility for equipment or to mitigate hazards and risks present in WTG environments.

For activities that fall outside of the Wind Limited Access Standard scope, and for more frequent visitors to WTG environment GWO continues to recommend its Basic Safety Training Standard.

How many times can I visit a Wind Farm once I have completed my WLA modules?

These courses are for persons who either infrequently need to gain access for example no more than 6 times a year, If however, you need additional access over that year, then it is recommended that you participate in the full BST modules

Can a participant take only the Offshore Module?

The Offshore Limited Access Module cannot be taken independently and must be taken in conjunction with Onshore Limited Access Module as a one-day training.

If I have completed the Onshore Module and wish to visit an Offshore WTG, do I need to do the entire 7 hours of Offshore Module?

If you have completed the WLA Onshore Module and later wish to visit an Offshore WTG, you need to complete the full Offshore Module. The Offshore training requires you to take the entire 7 hours of training which covers some additional elements specific to isolated offshore environments.

Can WLA replace the need to do the BST?

The WLA only provides very limited safety training and does not provide the knowledge and skills to enter a WTG without being supervised by at least two experienced BST trained persons.  Therefore it does not replace the need to complete BST for most individuals.

Is there a refresher course the WLA?

There is no refresher course for WLA.  Once the WLA passes it’s validity date, a course participant must retake the WLA.

What if I do not have access to two experienced BST trained persons to supervise my visit?

Taskmasters are able to provide a complete access cover for third parties attending wind farm environments, for more information on this service please contact the team 

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