GWO Training Courses


GWO training standards are courses that teach you to understand and reduce the risk associated with safety hazards in the wind turbine industry. Taskmasters are an accredited Global Wind Organisation GWO Training Provider. Offering all of the GWO Basic Safety (BST) Training Courses, along with GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) and GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) from our indoor Training Academy, in Kent, based in the South East of England.

Training Courses included in Basic Safety Training (BST) for all modules;

GWO Working at Height

GWO Sea Survival

GWO First Aid

GWO Manual Handling

GWO Fire Awareness

GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) 

GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

Taskmasters are also a Siemens approved GWO Training Courses provider and a supplier.


  • All GWO basic safety training course modules are conducted in our indoor training academy in Kent in the Southeast of England
  • Our In-House Sea Survival Facility provides a controlled learning environment without the need to travel to external venues and rely on outside resources and locations
  • Comfort controlled training class rooms
  • Open Monday to Sunday offering out of hours training
  • Internal and External Towers – so not weather dependent
  • Realistic training structures to emulate Turbine, Nacelle, Transition Piece and Working Platform
  • Our own in house trainers so we can offer flexibility on training dates


How long does GWO certifications last?

All GWO Safety training is valid for 24 months.

How do I register myself in the WINDA database?

Since October 2016, all Candidates must be registered on the WINDA database, so that certification can be uploaded. If not already registered, please follow this link

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique WINDA identification number, please include this number on the Candidate Registration form mentioned below.

How long does it take to become a wind turbine technician?

Most people can become a wind turbine technician.

It´s actually very simple, skills come after working in the industry for many years. Most people can enter the industry, natural will people with relevant skills have higher chance to get the more challenged jobs. The wind turbine industry is still young and manpower is needed globally. Relevant skills is typically electrical, mechanical, blacksmith and similar experience.

But as mentioned, with the right attitude, most people can join the industry.

In order to work on a site you need to hold GWO Basic Safety certifications.

*All training booked in line with our terms and conditions

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