QA Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control (RQF)


Delegates will develop a greater understanding of the principles of infection prevention and control. Topics covered include: personal hygiene, roles and responsibilities in relation to infection prevention and control and minimizing the risk of infection in a Health Care setting.


The objective of the qualification is to develop delegates understanding of their role and responsibilities in helping to prevent the spread of infection. The qualification and learning outcomes are based on the recommendations of:

  • NHS guidelines
  • Local policies
  • National Occupational Standards

This QA qualification is for people who are responsible for infection prevention and control in a health and care setting. This qualification should give delegates the knowledge and understanding to be responsible for implementing infection prevention and control.


  • Understand the importance of infection prevention and control
  • State the importance of infection prevention and control
  • Identify common illnesses that can spread easily in a health and care setting
  • Identify groups at higher risk of infection
  • Understand roles and responsibilities in infection prevention and control
  • Identify the importance of risk assessment
  • Identify potential risks of infection within the workplace
  • State how to dispose of contaminated PPE safely 5. Understand the importance of good personal
  • Know how to follow the procedure for hand washing


  • All delegates must be over 18 years of age


All successful delegates will receive a certificate and ID card covering their training for 3 years


½ Day

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