Safety Systems

Taskmasters have a team of highly experienced safety system installers that are approved by a majority of the leading global manufacturers in the supply of their safety systems, so we have the resources and know how to meet all your requirements.

Advantages of using our services

Taskmasters have been working in the fall protection industry for over two decade after originally moving into the fall protection sector by default.

This came about as our Rope Access Divison, who were frequently attending sites and finding inferior safety systems and eyebolt installations that were not fit for purpose or did not provide the adequate anchorage for the intended function.

Taskmasters Rope Access Teams had to have 100% trust in the anchorage systems that they were placing the safety on their life upon, so Taskmasters decided that the safest way to solve this challenge was to install and test the systems ourselves and to put the safety of our lives in our own hands rather than others, that is how the Safety System Divison was formed.

Due to our extensive knowledge of safety systems we have expanded our service, offering a wide range of products in order to meet the demands of our customers.

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