Standby Services

Taskmasters Standby Services teams can provide rescue service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Using a dedicated emergency helpline number our customers can call us and request immediate assistance in an emergency rescue situation.

Taskmasters deploy a team, who will assist with the rescue including handover to the emergency services.

Our teams on standby are ready to deploy, and ready to attend the emergency, whether that be:

  • Rescuing a crane driver from a tower crane
  • Rescuing a person stuck on a ride at a theme park
  • Standby rescue for teams working in a confined space 50 metres below ground
  • Rescuing a worker entrapped within a silo
  • Or retrieving a passenger from the Emirates Airline Cable Car, suspended 100m in the air on to a moving boat on the River Thames.

Whatever your challenge we have a safe effective rescue solution for you.

We can also provide rescue chaperones who will attend your site on long or short term projects and provide rescue cover for the hazardous works on your behalf, so that you can  concentrate on the task in hand, therefore saving you money on equipment and training.

All Taskmasters Rescue Chaperones and Standby Services Teams are fully trained industrial abseilers, along with experienced ex command personnel, medical technicians and paramedics. They come fully equipped with rescue equipment specific to the needs of the site.

Please contact our rescue team on or 0800 169 0859 for more information.

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