Rescue Planning for your workplace, What, How & Why

Site based operations:

Do you find that work placed responsibilities seem to be a constant headache and are often seen as a moving target, in terms of what needs to be covered within the workplace?

The latest estimates show that annually between 2017/18 and 2019/20 an average of 610,000 workers were injured in workplace accidents

The total costs of workplace self-reported injuries and ill health in 2018/19 was £16.2 billion. Ill health causes the biggest proportion of total costs at around 66% (£10.6 billion), with injury resulting in around 34% of total costs (£5.6 billion).

Construction still has the highest rate of fatalities, and unfortunately working at height has the highest rate of workplace activities. We have lost 36 personnel between 2020/21 so far.

Fines issued in 2019/20 was on average £110,000 per company.

So, within your role of responsibility do you sometimes get frustrated with the unexpected challenges and additional workload of trying to formulate a plan around one’s legal duties of care, when allowing employees and contractors to work at height in the workplace!

This can often seem like a minefield, in terms of the more you seem to assess something like this, then more complicated it can become, this can often be referred to like “opening a can of worms”.


For example, how does one need to cover all site-based activities at height?


Especially when making sure all the potential risks are covered?


For example, what levels of competency is required when considering allowing workers to work at height?


I.e., how competent do my workforce and contractors need to be in the event of an emergency at height?


How much can I truly reply on the emergency services to cover my site-based emergency?


These are all very justifiable questions, that may keep certain people up at night, but not for an experienced company like Taskmasters (UK) Ltd that work and train in this type of arena daily.


You also may alternatively think that “why do I need to cover this? Surely it is the responsibility of the contractors coming to my site or my employee’s previous knowledge will cover things in the “worst case scenario”?


Where do you draw the line?


This is where Taskmasters relish the opportunity to work around your every challenge.


Why are we different?


Taskmasters have over 20 years’ experience of working at height and rescue, we have consulted and worked on some of the most complex working at height and rescue projects in the world.


We can provide a complete package, that will cover every phase of your work processes.  But the most important phase to this process is that the priority is listening to your challenges and then providing a solution that will fit around your specific need. We relish any opportunity to work around a challenge.


How are Taskmasters best placed to advice on your needs?


As stated, we can offer the complete package from initial consultancy through to required documentation, this can include everything from training plans to equipment. Basically, everything needed to put your mind at ease knowing that you have the required professionals in place and here to assist your every need.


What have you got to lose by contacting us?


We would be pleased to offer you an initial consultancy up-front for no fee.


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