Rescue Chaperone Services

Rescue Chaperone Services

Due to difficult access scenarios and short timescales projects, some clients prefer to use Taskmasters Rescue Chaperone Services to provide full rescue cover for them.

Taskmasters Rescue Chaperone and Rescue Standby Services are provided across many industries, from Construction, Railways, Marine and Wind, to Utilities, Power, Refurbishment and Maintenance.

Our Rescue Chaperones are onsite and constantly in attendance whilst the job function is performed and ready to react instantly in the event of an emergency.

Our Rescue Chaperone service provide peace of mind for personnel who may become trapped or incapacitated whilst performing their roles, whether that be;

  • Suspended from a Tower Crane
  • Trapped in a Confined Space
  • Injured in a Tunnel
  • Fainted at the bottom of Silo
  • Stuck on a cable car
  • Overcome by paint fumes

Our Rescue Chaperone teams are able to respond immediately, saving valuable time, whilst the emergency services are called to site.

Confined Space Services

Taskmasters provides a unique chaperone service for surveyors and maintenance workers, who need to access an area within a confined space. Our confined space specialist’s chaperone the workers, ensuring that in the unlikely event of a rescue being required they can safely evacuate the worker to a safe area.

Sometimes we find that our customers do not wish to conduct the confined space works themselves, therefore Taskmasters offers a Confined Spaces Access were our Rope Access Technicians will carry out the works for you. This can range from surveying sewers to cleaning silos, to clearing our tunnels, our Rope Access Technicians can assess the requirement and complete the works safely, cost effectively and with ease.

This service is most productive in potentially high risk and/or complex access situations, each situation is reviewed on a case by case basis so please contact our rescue team on or 0800 169 0859.

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