Safe Return

Taskmasters distribute a specialist line of products within the Taskmasters range called the Safe Return and Safe Restraint products – these height safety and rescue products are specifically designed to assist workers in multiple industries to work safely at height without being difficult to use.

Safe Return controlled rescue device:

For most rescue applications Taskmasters use and supply, our Safe Return Rescue Equipment range of devices. This is due to their simplicity and ease of use that include the failsafe qualities, and a high performance and robustness of the system, thereby making them ideal for use by “onsite trained rescue teams” or “general backup” whilst working at height.

The Safe Return Rescue Equipment was specifically developed for Tower Crane Rescue, but also cover many other types of evacuation on a site – making the system a versatile solution to any industry rescue. We also use this system within our chaperone service (where suitable).

The systems are available for hire or purchase, so please contact us today for a demonstration of the Safe Return Rescue products.

We are also one of the leading distributors of Height Safety Equipment for the leading manufacturers around the world.



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