Safe Restraint

Taskmasters has developed the Safe Restraint system. A revolutionary temporary safe system used when working in restraint at height.

The Safe Restraint was developed for use within the construction industry, in particular within the concrete formwork, roofing, glazing and maintenance industries. It is one of the only restraint systems on the market that complies with the new CDM Regulations. (I.e. specially designed for the particular purpose of use).

Safe Restraint Overview

The Safe Restraint system is normally rigged between two suitable points of safety (such as concrete columns) and then is tensioned so it only allows a minimum amount of slack to be added on a horizontal line, This is in the region of 2% to 4% elongation compared to over 6% with other systems on the market.|

The system, will also allow up to three users to be connected between the single spans of up to 20 metres between two suitable anchorage points.

The system has a robust and hardwearing adjustable restraint shuttle that is constructed of stainless steel to ensure a prolonged life due to normal arduous conditions. The shuttle is also designed with an added safety feature with a red anti-slip safety mechanism that is used to ensure the operatives can be in a controlled restraint position.


Only trained operatives can use the Safe Restraint system. Full training on how to use the system is covered within the Taskmasters working at height training syllabus.

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