Taskmasters are proud to have served Chelsea FC for over 15 years now, with projects requiring expert access at height.

On this occasion Taskmasters were requested to carry out a survey to the lighting system at Chelsea FC, at the same time there was also an additional request to send a team of abseilers in to clean all of the lenses of the lights from heavy pollution being accumulated due to the location of the stadium in the heart of the City of London.

The cleaning of the lenses vastly improved the reflection of the light on the pitch ready for the game on the Sunday with Manchester United and for future use.

The survey also proved a great success, in making sure all the fixings and angles were correct with approximately 500 lights in the stadium.

The works were carried out safely and swiftly without any disruption to other works that were being carried out pitch side at the time.

FUN FACT: Chelsea FC were the first premiership club in the UK to have this type of lighting installed, at the time of installation lighting system was revolutionary. Take a look at the link below for more information on this!

Chelsea F.C. | Philips lighting

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