Taskmasters had a client requiring Climbing Training.

They needed a training company that could incorporate the practical element of the training, similar to the type of structures that they would need to climb in the future.

Our 21 metre external training tower was a perfect fit for the customer’s needs and provided their team with a realistic training experience.

The teams thoroughly enjoyed the cold and blustery day especially the view from the top.

A fun fact is that this is the only tower, where we have clear sight of three different forms of power generation in the area.

  1. We have a Nuclear Plant some 4 miles away clearly seen in the distance Dungeness nuclear power station
  2. One of the largest solar farms in Kent that measures 114 acres of land and houses over 73,000 solar panels. Sycamore Solar Farm
  3. And finally, the largest Land Wind Turbine farm in Kent. Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm The 26 wind turbines, each 115 metres (377 ft) high, are distributed over an area of 4 km2(1.5 sq mi) with peak generation of 59.8 MW and within close proximity of the training academy.

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