Facilities Management

Taskmasters have been involved in the facilities industry for decades and have a vast amount of experience in all environments, we are familiar with the challenges that building and facilities managers can face and offer a 24 hour rapid response service.

Taskmasters are Rope Access specialists and by using the very latest rope access techniques, Taskmasters are able to access areas of buildings and structures that were previously very difficult to get to, using conventional methods such as hydraulic access machines, cradles or scaffolding. These services on most occasions would also prove to be more expensive with methods other than Rope Access, especially scaffolding.

We have over the last decades accessed some of the most iconic structures and buildings in the UK, from changing a light bulb at 1,000 feet, to untwisting a flag, to installing lights on a historic statue, to painting a 10 storey building, to surveying a roller coaster, to descending from one of the Emirates Airlines Cable Cars on to a moving boat on the River Thames, to removing vegetation from a 900 year old church, to cleaning windows at 160m in the air, to installing a Christmas Tree on the side of a building, to painting a football stadium’s roof, and not forgetting cleaning the clock face of Big Ben. Taskmasters have years of experience in accessing the impossible.

Taskmasters can also offer solutions in all forms of access methods to include the following:

We also offer an array of Safety Training Courses to assist companies in proving competency when completing their own Work at Height or in Confined Spaces.

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