Taskmasters has been involved in construction since the company’s formation in 1999 and have a vast amount of experience.

We have worked very closely with some of the largest construction companies in the UK and have been a valuable asset in numerous ways, providing a cost-effective means of service for example:

  • Carrying out structural surveys to refurbishment contracts, this helps the surveyors ascertain the levels of work required and the skilled trades needed.
  • Quick assembly of ropes and thereby conducting a quick and efficient survey with minimal cost as opposed to costly and longer assembling times for scaffolding.

Rope Access has also been proven to be an asset for snagging works, where the scaffolding has been removed and the trades are meant to be finished but there are additional works, or the works need to be surveyed, or works should of been completed but has not been prior to the scaffolding being removed.

By using Rope Access methods we can enable and react quickly, carry out photo/video survey reports on the works that have been completed by other trades and make recommendations on the works needed to be completed.

Taskmasters also have qualified trades who work on ropes for example, Electricians, Painters, Glazers, Plumbers and so on.

Taskmasters also offer a wide variety of other Services to the Construction Industry, including Training and Equipment.

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