We have a large portfolio of Rope Access Surveying services that others have often found inaccessible, this has ranged from;

  • Surveying sea walls for structural movement within tight tide times, at one of the fastest tidal ranges in the world
  • To vent shafts that have not been accessed for 50 years
  • Surveying bridges and viaducts
  • Historic buildings
  • Road bridges
  • Building services

To providing survey reports on defective works that other companies have carried out. This has often been the case when scaffolding has been removed on projects and there is no way to survey within a short period of time, or without having to provide extensive funds to reinstall scaffolding.

If you have an area that requires a survey, but you are having difficulties in accessing it then Taskmasters can provide the solution with our Rope Access Surveying services. Contact us on 0800 169 0859 for more information.

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