Wind Energy Training Zone


The Wind Energy Training Zone is dedicated to our accredited GWO wind energy training and features an abundance of amazing features:Nacelle/Tower Section

  • Two-storey access tower complete with vertical ladder and wire safe system
  • Large Nacelle simulator on top landing with various anchor points for complex rescues.
  • Escape hatch in Nacelle


  • Multiple access hatches, of various sizes emulating challenges you may encounter within a WTG.
  • Crawl spaces, to simulate a “real life” environment.
  • Interchangeable hatches, to accommodate specific WTG models, to create a realistic scenario in order meet a specific task.
  • Unique Spinner section to simulates what you may encounter in your WTG.
  • Blade tunnels at different elevations, so teams can simultaneously train in tandem
  • Vertical YAW interchangeable Tunnel section

Types of example courses that can be completed in the GWO Wind Energy Zone:

GWO Advance Rescue (ART) Training
GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) Training
GWO Basic Safety Training Courses 

Images of Training taking place in our Wind Energy Training Zone:

GWO Wind Energy Training ZoneGWO Wind Energy Training Zone

What is a GWO basic safety training?

The GWO BST (Basic Safety Training) is your entrance to the wind turbine industry.
On the GWO BST training you learn how to work safe in this industry.

This certificate include five modules:
GWO WAH (Working at Height)
GWO FAW (Fire Awareness)
GWO FA (First Aid)

GWO MH (Manuel Handling)

GWO SS (Sea Survival)

The first four modules is needed in order to work on-shore. If you work off-shore, you will need all five modules.

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