Sea Survival Zone

Our Sea Survival Zone is unique, we are the only Training organisation in the South East that has an indoor Sea Survival zone, so come rain or shine, our GWO Sea Survival training can take place and if that is not unique enough, we are the only UK provider to have a Transition Piece (TP) connected to the Pool with workable ladder system and Helicopter Winch system.

Key Features of our Indoor Sea Survival Zone;

  • Filtered system, that is hygienically controlled via chlorinated system.
  • Water temperature maintained consistent with average coastline sea at an average 6-10 °C in the winter to 15-20 °C in the summer.
  • MA pulley system that lowers the vessel into the pool when needed and raises out of the pool when training is completed
  • Observation glass on the ground floor, so personnel can observe the candidates swimming and carrying out activities in the pool from the outside areas.
  • Dedicated area for “Man Over Board” where we have a rescue net set up to bring the personnel back on board if required.
  • Vessel to foundation, Vessel to WTG, Vessel Transfer to TP training.

Transition Piece (TP)

The TP has the standard type of gantry walkway system with edge protection (Collective protection) and has an entry/exit gate for entry onto the gantry or to the ladder.

  • Drop zone where candidates can exit the TP straight into the water approximately to simulate an emergency evacuation of jumping into the sea.

Courses completed in the Sea Survival Zone:

GWO Sea Survival Training
GWO Training

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