Climbing Tower “Silver Zone”

The Climbing Tower “Silver Zone” has several major features for example:

  • 21 meters high
  • Standing platform areas with collective protection
  • Extended anchor arms that protrude beyond the base of the tower
  • Full length access ladder to the top of the tower
  • Full length vertical wire safety system to enable operatives to gain safe access to platforms
  • Access connection points to the exterior steel work for Power & Communication training
  • Fully accessible landing zones to the ground with uninterrupted access to the lower levels

Courses completed in the Silver Zone:

Rope Access Training
Rescue Training

Climbing Training 

Abseiling from Tower

Being the highest structure in the local area the climbing tower boasts some brilliant views and 3 or Kent’s larges energy producers can be see from the top! Little Cheyne Court, Dungeoness Power Station and Romney Marsh Solar Farm.

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