Stockley Park – Safety System Installations

Taskmasters received contact from a customer who had carried out a large refurbishment contract for BP, the project was nearing fruition when they realised that when the temporary collective protection was going to be removed from the roof areas, there was not a sufficient safe system of works for future contractors to use when carrying out maintenance duties to the roof.

So, Taskmasters were requested to give advice and supply recommendations on the possibility of installing safe systems of works covering all potential contractors for the future. This system of works would include contractors like electrical and air conditioning engineers, window cleaners i.e. abseilers and roofers.

There were also additional challenges in some of the roof areas as they were angled typed roofs with zinc type ribbed material. This presented our installation team with numerous challenges having to work with a limited amount of information on the roof profiles. Taskmasters installation teams studied the information provided and came up with a solution to cover all future contractors.

The systems were installed with complete success along with detailed operational and maintenance manuals, training was also carried out for all contactors that were scheduled to work on site.

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