London Aquarium – Confined Space Rescue and Chaperone Services

Taskmasters were approached by recommendation from another customer through reputation as experts in confined space rescue and chaperone services.

The project was unique in the view of a very proactive customer realising that there were potential hazards with their employees working in a confined area below ground using certain setting compounds containing chemicals that could lead to potential affixation, there by leading to individuals becoming incapacitated. So, they requested our services to be on stand by assisting and viewing works making sure that if an evacuation need to be deployed, then our skilled access and medical technicians could retrieve the incapacitated casualty in a short space of time.

Taskmasters remained on the project for several weeks on standby and also became additional assets by suggesting our services whilst on site in setting up a specialist pulley/rig system, to assist with transportation of materials needed in the lower work areas.

We also proved an added asset to other contractors working in the same area, by offering a standby service and assisted access technicians to help them gain access to awkward areas in a safe manner.

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