Leeds Castle and Church – Rope Access and Training

We are very proud to be associated by serving our specialist skills at one of the most beautiful castles in the world Leeds castle for the last 10 years. This has consisted of various skills from safety surveying to accessing some of the oldest parts of the structures and buildings, to training all the on-site maintenance teams in confined spaces, in order to service the many underground tunnelling networks.

We were commissioned to assist with refurbishment to the famous St Nicholas Church just off site at Leeds Castle, this Church dates back beyond 1492. There was extensive and aggressive deep routed vegetation to most of the vertical faces to the church walls, this was proving to be eroding the historical stonework and leading to dislodgement of the stonework.

We carried out a complete removal of the aggressive vegetation and a special coating of protective formula was applied to prevent any future vegetation growth. We even came across a honey bee hive while working on the refurbishment and had to work around this with a non agitation method. We achieved this by working adjacent to the bees while they were either out of the hive or in during the day time. When the bees were inactive at sun set, this proved challenging to us when being watched by the 5 eyes of a honey bee!

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