Kingston Bridge – Rope Access Works

This was a project that had happened whilst working close to the vicinity of the bridge, the access technicians were working on another building at the time and were passing past the bridge complex on a daily basis. They would often see the workers having difficulty accessing the bridge area on the water side whilst the works were in progress.

Taskmasters technicians were amazed but not surprised that the workers were struggling using access methods such as using barges with scaffolding towers on and also barges with MEWPS machines in. This was an understandably challenging process, with workers unable to gain access areas of the bridge successfully due to the unstable vessels and having to constantly deal with tidal changes due to heavy rain fall. This was leaving the Construction and Civil Engineering company falling behind schedule on the project, without a solution to the access challenges.

The access technicians at Taskmasters suggested the use of Industrial Rope Access services to these challenging areas, the project manager was quite rightly reluctant in our proposal of Industrial Rope Access solution due to not having used these services before. One of the technicians suggested that they contact one of the service engineers from Taskmaster to visit the project manager and discuss solutions to his access challenges and reservations in Rope Access methods. The project manager suggested a trial area for the Taskmasters technicians to work on while he reviewed the suggested process, this proved to be a great success and recommended that Taskmasters quote for the whole access project to the exterior bridge works.

Taskmasters were also requested to work with other trades whilst on the project to include assisting and chaperoning the Diamond drillers, whilst drilling holes for all the electric cables for the lighting on the bridge. We were also requested to assist the surveyors in setting out the alignment lasers.

The project prior to Taskmasters assisting was 4 weeks overdue, whilst Taskmasters assisted in the project it took approximately 2 weeks to complete all the works.

The customer commented that “This was a very steep learning curve in view of an access method that I had never considered before; I was especially impressed with the professionalism of the Taskmasters team and their willingness to excel at every challenge thrown at them”.

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