Donmar Theatre – Bespoke Safety System

Taskmasters have a national contract with a one of the largest theatre companies in the UK due to the interpersonal service; we find that our strong relationship is going from strength to strength due to the experience of understanding the often challenging environments in which the theatre industries have to run in.

The Donmar theatre is a typical example project of technicians who have to work safely in often reactive situations like during a show without being seen by the public. It was requested that we discuss at long length a solution that would suit all environments, so we approached one of our manufactures and requested that they assist us in creating something that has not been created before. We designed a two-part system that is a complex running track that twist and turns in all requested areas but was designed to be unseen by members of the public. The challenging thing about the system was the additional request that the running tracks could also incorporate access eyebolts whilst obtaining access to the tracks on the entry/exit and mid-points through the full length of the systems.

This system was installed with complete success and more importantly the technicians were very thankful that the installation team from Taskmasters took time working around a challenging situation, by providing a solution at their request rather than the sometimes (more commonly) a company installing a system that is often not practical for the end user.

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