Barrier Point – Rope Access Painting

We had a customer approach us who had a building that they needed to survey, carry out repairs on and re-paint. They had carried out a feasibility study on all methods of access or they thought they had, until they remembered that they had used our services on previous projects when all other options failed or became impractical.

The customer informed us that they had explored the more traditional methods of accessing this symmetrical type circular building, that was 12 stories high. The previous access methods studied were MEWP’s machines and Scaffolding, when studying these options there were more barriers than solutions especially in terms of the shape and the size of the particular building and additionally the vicinity in which is resided at (i.e. near to the river wall and landscape architecture). So, after realising that the previous methods could not be used they decided to contact us, as we were known to them as the “access specialists” who could normally provide the safest and most cost effective solution.

We studied the requirement and the scope of works and came to the conclusion that the building could be easily and safely accessed by Industrial Rope Access methods.

Benefits of choosing Industrial Rope Access at Barrier Point

There was quick erecting and dismantling of the ropes on a daily basis reducing the possible threat of security through unauthorised third parties attempting access the properties, whereas with the traditional means of scaffolding this could be an issue.

There are no obtrusive framework extensions on the building while the works are in duration, by Industrial Rope Access as explained in the above section as the ropes are dismantled on a daily basis so you do not see the ropes after the works are finished.

As well as a vast amount of benefits already mentioned the customer was also happy on a cost saving of approximately £50,000….. From the original scaffolding quotation supplied!

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